Stolzenberg Tandem KSE910

Stolzenberg Tandem KSE910

Stolzenberg Tandem KSE910

The Ideal Combination
The KS 910 is the latest development in the Tandem class. This universal hand-guided machine combines the advantages of extremely powerful dust extraction with the technically superior TRS tandem roller system. Both the petrol version KSV and the electronic version KSE are very easy and smooth to operate and extremely robust.

Over 50 years of knowledge in the development of sweeping machines has been incorporated into the development of these machines, resulting in the latest state-of-the-art sweeping machine.

Integral Construction
The consistent use of integral construction ensures an extremely strong, robust and durable structure, which is extremely impact-resistant and suitable for use in the harshest of working environments. The roller mechanisms are manufactured completely from steel and are therefore particularly robust and require little maintenance. The double-thickness, rotational moulded panel design means that the machine runs particularly quietly.

The large filter surface area of 2.5 m2 ensures dust-free sweeping, even in critical applications. The traction drive enables the cleaning of large surface areas in a short space of time with no fatigue.

The Mechanisation
The electrically operated KSE 910 naturally features excess discharge protection, which prevents the battery from becoming too discharged.

Both machines (KSE 910 and KSV 910) feature suction fan interruption, two lateral brushes, highly adjustable driving hoop, and a quick-change mechanism for the dust filter.

Stolzenberg Tandem KSE910 Technical Overview
12V 300W Battery powered
Speed 3,7 km/h
Tandem Roller System
Automatic main broom drive
Mechanical filter cleaner
Suction System
Up to 3000m� cleaning area
900mm sweeping path
60L Tank
Weight 105 kg
Product Code: PROKSE910