Numatic Vario TTV678

Numatic Vario TTV678

Numatic Vario TTV678

“The worlds most innovative ride-on scrubbing machine.”

This is about the most user friendly ride-on scrubber around, packed with sound common sense engineering yet bristling with advanced, innovative technology. The one machine can be set to 3 different working widths; 650mm, 750mm and 850mm and all at the flick of a simple selection lever. This doesn’t even need tools, anybody can do it at any time. You want it wide, fine… you want it narrow, 30 seconds is all that it takes.

It’s not only the working widths that can be changed, it’s the operating performance that is under the driver’s complete control, cleaning speed, brush speed, water flow, chemical mix… you name it and you control it.

The Vario can be programmed to include a series of PRESETS which will allow different settings to be added to the memory; all of which can be retrieved at a simple push of a button, as required. In addition to the extreme versatility of performance, there is a selection of brush and pad specifications to suit different needs and additional battery packs to extend the cleaning range as required.

An additional battery pack can also be added to provide a total of 4.5 hours of run-time on one charge. The Vario is also specified as standard with sealed Gel batteries. This is a must for the serious cleaner because the last thing you need is acid spills and terminal corrosion like that of acid filled open top batteries.

Technical Overview
Brush motor 3x400w
Vac power 400w
Power 6-8x12v batteries
Run time 3.5-4.5 hrs
Deck 650-850mm
Brush size 300mm
Water capacity 120L
Nuchem capacity 4L
Drive speed 7kph
Cleaning speed 3.5kph
Weight 614-684kg
Dimensions 1676x1425x1054mm